Pete Davidson Elevates His Hydration Game for Smartwater

Dig that alkaline and those antioxidants

No matter how rich and famous Pete Davidson gets, even if he breaks box-office records or wins an Oscar, he'll still need to hydrate, and would probably benefit from alkaline and antioxidants.

Thankfully, the actor/comedian endorses Smartwater. So, he presumably enjoys an endless supply of the stuff. Phew! Wouldn't want the dude to get parched or anything.

Here's Pete's latest work for the Coca-Cola-owned brand, a splashy romp developed with WPP OpenX, led by VMLY&R, in line with the celeb's past perky work for the product:

"This go around felt a bit more personal in that the film features his mom, but also many of his real-life friends," Luke Perkins, director of creative strategy across Coke's hydration offerings, tells Muse. "They are in the video game scene and in the red-carpet scene. It's an authentic touch to the idea that he is the 'same kid' from Staten Island, just elevated."

That notion, "elevation," also informs a second ad, sans Pete, but starring Peloton instructor Alex Toussaint, champion relay runner Bianca Williams and BMX athlete Nigel Sylvester.

"We liked that idea of selecting talent that showcased diverse skills," Perkins says. "Each brings a unique point of view and style to the film as well as their own followings into the Smartwater universe."

So, Pete still rocks the campaign, but he's sharing the flow. His mom should be proud. (She looks proud in the ad, right?)

Work breaks today across TV and streaming channels, with social media, OOH and audio elements in the mix.


"Same Kid," feat Pete Davidson:
Client: Smartwater
Agency: VMLY&R
Agency Contact: Steve Stewart: Director of Client Engement
Production Company: Smuggler - Randy Krallman
Editorial: Friendshop - Ben Suenaga
Finishing: Parliament
Third Party Signatory & Co-Producer: CMC

"Elevate How You Hydrate," feat. Alex Toussaint, Bianca Williams, and Nigel Sylvester:
Agency: VMLY&R
Agency Contact: Steve Stewart: Director of Client Engement
Production Company: Reset - Henry Schofield
Editorial: Cartel - Sophia Lou
Finishing: Black Kite

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