No Lay's Chips? Then Lionel Messi Will Be Moving On

He'll find them at your neighbor's house

Lay's is all about the soccer GOATS munching its salty, crunchy chips with us commoners these days.

Last week, Thierry Henry appeared in a fun stunt timed to UEFA Champions League Round of 16 play. The striker went door to door in Barcelona, watching games with folks who had Lay's snacks on hand. No Lays? Then Thierry headed down the road.

Not to be outdone on the pitch or in adland, Lionel Messi joins the campaign in a similarly themed commercial dropping today. (Appearing with actors, though, not random fans.)

Messi seems truly bummed when he doesn't get his fave branded treats. Not quite as sad as he looked when Bayern Munich trounced his Barcelona squad in the 2019-20 UAEF quarterfinals. But still.

The soundtrack really sells it. Adapting Eric Carmen's marvelously morose "All By Myself" with a chorus of "No Lay's, No Game" weirdly resonates.

"Our brand typically launches new programs with a TV commercial, so we were excited to do something different with the Thierry Henry stunt," Ciara Dilley, VP, marketing for global food brands at Lay's parent PepsiCo, tells Muse. "This gave us the opportunity to do something authentic and disruptive on a more social play. Messi has been in our commercials several times, and we are thrilled to have him back in that capacity."

"Partnering with two recognizable football superstars, in two different ways, gave us the opportunity to encapsulate the mindset and personas of both players, while showcasing them having fun," she says.

Agency Slap Global helped develop the work, with Andrew Lane of Unit 9—Washington Square Films directing Messi's commercial.

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