For Lay's Chips, Soccer Icon Thierry Henry Makes House Calls

Fun UEFA-themed stunt in Barcelona

Knock knock! 

Who's there? 

Thierry Henry. Got any chips? They better be Lay's!

In a stunt timed to UEFA Champions League Round of 16 play, the soccer legend went door to door in Barcelona on a quest for Lay's salty, crunchy snacks.

If folks had a few bags to share—Classic Potato Chips, BBQ Flavored, Sour Cream & Onion, whatever—Henry made himself right at home...

...kicking back in fans' living rooms, munching away and watching some soccer.

If no Lay's were on hand, well, the greatest striker of all time continued down the road to the next door. (Memo to unsuspecting homeowners: Get on brand!)

Developed with creative agency Slap Global, the stunt introduced a new campaign theme: "No Lay's, No Game."

"We understand that a huge part of football culture is the camaraderie created through sharing the experience with friends," says Clara Dilley, VP, marketing for global food brands at Lay's parent PepsiCo. "For years, our chips have been an integral part of the football experience, adding to and fueling the passion and intensity fans show for this beautiful game."

Henry says: "I've had the privilege of playing all over the world and have lifted many trophies in front of millions of amazing supporters. None of that prepared them for the utter surprise of me knocking on their doors to watch a match together if they had Lay's crisps. It was especially meaningful to do so in Barcelona, where I have so many fans from our 2009 UCL Championship."

"I hope I helped to ensure that football fans always know that it is unthinkable to watch the big match without Lay's," he adds. "So, stay ready. You never know who will pop up next!"

Moving forward, the campaign will include more superstar surprises, digital content, in-store elements, commercials and special packaging.

"We wanted to do something a little different. Instead of hiding behind the TV screen or computer monitor, we wanted to showcase our talent—in this case Thierry—in a way that shows his charisma and highlights the fun, excitement and taste Lay’s bring to every football viewing experience," Dilley tells Muse. "You can truly feel the surprise and delight from fans when they see Henry standing on their doorstep."

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