In March, 'Madness Loves Company.' So Lily Returns for AT&T

And she brings her fab friends

It's no fun going mad for college hoops all alone. Why not drag your family and friends into the March melee of buzzer beaters, nachos galore and nonstop streaming games? They'll thank you for it. Right before they run out screaming.

AT&T's Lily, aka Milana Vayntrub, sure won't be savoring the NCAA men's and women's basketball tournaments by herself. "Madness Loves Company," we're told. So, Lily's bestest brand-boosting buds—athletes, mascots and assorted celebs—join the beloved spokescharacter in silly spots from BBDO L.A.

First, everyone hits the beach for a rendition of tourney themesong "One Shining Moment," marking the iconic tune's commercial debut:

Alas, no Willie Nelson (who sings in Capital One's March Madness campaign). Still, there's loads of star power, with a chorus featuring Steven Adams, Chet Holmgren, A'ja Wilson, Christian Laettner, Greg Oden, Adam Morrison and Sabrina Ionescu. Indiana University cheerleader Cassidy Cerny—a viral star of last year's tourney—leaps into action, too.

"While other big events are perfectly fine when you watch them solo, the women's and men's tournaments are built for madness. And madness is always better with friends," says BBDO creative director Ash Tavassoli.

The spots aren't so much "mad" as amusing and star-studded. There's nothing edgy or innovative here. There doesn't have to be. Vayntrub's always great, and the inclusive, mainstream approach feels on point for one of the world's largest telecoms touting its services during a premier sports event.

David Gianatasio
David Gianatasio is managing editor at Clio Awards.

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