College Mascots Hit the Road for Nissan in Race to March Madness

Candace Parker, Kenny Smith ride along

Nissan sure gets high mileage from college sports mascots in its advertising. This capering costumed crew rock the nameplate's Heisman House campaign every fall. And now, ahead of the NCAA men's and women's basketball tournaments, 16 of the furry freaks take a road trip in spots from TBWA/Chiat/Day breaking today.

Former players Candace Parker and Kenny Smith, plus current USC head coach Lindsay Gottlieb, go along for the ride. More madcap than last year's similar brand-boosting odyssey, fresh ads celebrate goofy Americana and hoop culture with all the silliness you'd expect.

Best bits include riffs on some of the mascots' malevolent stares, the Stanford Tree using a sun-roof to spark photosynthesis, and Kenny's flashback to revisit his bad hair days with Ohio State's Brutus Buckeye.

There's just something about seeing the mascots out and about that's both ridiculously satifying. It's like our sports obsession escaped the arena and knows no bounds. N.C.'s Rameses always looks so pissed, like he wants to head-butt the world. Excellent!

Nissan's all-electric Ariya, plus the Z1 Rogue, Altima, Frontier and Pathfinder appear in the commercials. There's TikTok outreach too, inviting fans to share live tournament experiences during through "Now" notifications, prompting them to post videos about the games, with a Final Four sweepstakes tied to Instagram.

"March Madness is a beloved cultural moment with viewers spanning a wide range of demographics, from avid college sports followers to casual cultural bandwagon hoppers, bringing everyone together throughout the entire tournament," Allyson Witherspoon, VP and CMO, Nissan U.S., tells Muse. "Unexpected moments are the allure of March Madness. With TikTok Now we are using real-time unexpected moments to attract and unite March Madness audiences on social media."

She continues: "A dual strategy is needed for a cultural moment that starts on TV and ends in social. We understand that the real conversation around March Madness happens on social, so we built a social landscape that enables everyone to join in on the thrill."


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