LeBron x Sudeikis Star in Goofy Taco Bell Sitcom

Warm up the set. It's time for 'Taco Twosday'

Just how goofy/silly/kooky is "Taco Twosday," a throwback faux sitcom starring LeBron James and Jason Sudeikis?

If you answered "extremely," you've got the right idea. Deutsch L.A. and Gifted Youth director Jake Syzmanski deliver a dish with extra cheese. 

Is there a wacky, brand-tastic theme song, too?

Stop asking questions, and dig in:

Taco Bell | Taco Twosday

The spot drops today, hyping the Cantina Chicken Crispy Taco. (It gets co-star billing in the credits. Must have a great agent.)

The work borrows ingredients from McDonald's marketing menu by rocking the ever-popular nostalgia vibe, thus following adland's never-ending "grainy footage" retro trend.

Sure, such prime-time spoofery feels plenty familiar. But everyone loves a good rerun. This one's nicely done; and as ever with Taco Bell, celebs deliver a satisfying comic crunch.

A swarm of bees chasing LeBron—plus robots? Sounds like a ratings winner to me!

And if you're thinking marketers lean into sitcom spoofs too often, well, that's just how the biz rolls. 

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