McDonald's Says a Mouthful in the U.K. and Australia

Campaigns leverage nostalgia and brand equity

Will McDonald's latest ads in England and Australia—which smartly leverage nostalgia and the fast feeder's place in pop culture—leave you speechless?

Probably not.

But the dude chowing down in the this :60 from Leo Burnett U.K. just can't find the words to describe his love for McD's recently updated burgers:

McDonald's U.K. | A Little More Mmm

Sure, the "Mmm" bit is just too easy. Still, in a marketing sense, McD's owns the 13th letter of the alphabet, so the approach tallies. As part of the push, there's an "Mmm Filter" on Snapchat that distorts users' faces into masks of joy. Just like the guy in the commercial. Yay?

Meanwhile, across the world in Australia, DDB Sydney, adam&eveDDB and OMD expanded that "Original Mouthful" initiative unveiled a few weeks ago. 

Unlike the U.K. stuff, these are packed with verbiage. We get throwback videos with grainy film quality repping the '70s, '80s and '90s. The chain's "Two All-Beef Patties" rapid-fire patter serves as a focus.

McDonalds | '70s
McDonald's | '80s
McDonald's | '90s

Snapchat plays into this campaign, too, with a challenge to win McD's meal vouchers. 

And dig the funky OOH below. It's almost like they're trying to tell us something.

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