Dunkin' Plays a Different Kind of Bubble Hockey in Its New NHL Ad

Pastrňák and Oshie star as arcade figurines

We've heard of sports teams playing inside the bubble, but this is ridiculous.

NHL stars David Pastrňák of the Boston Bruins and T.J. Oshie of the Washington Capitals morph into bubble-hockey arcade figurines and hit the ice—well, plastic, actually—for this stop-motion spot from Dunkin':

Inside the Bubble With Dunkin' | Empty Net

The half-minute ad developed by BBDO New York and Hornet director Peter Sluszka revolves around Dunkin' Cold-Brew coffee. (In this game, icing is a good thing!)

At one point, mini-Pastrňák gets stuck in a corner, spinning helplessly, unable to reach the puck. "Guys, I'm like super annoyed right now," he quips. Who knew ice coffee went so well with Pasta? (Nickname humor.)

"Every year we look for a new way to bring to life the Dunkin' NHL partnership," BBDO executive creative director Steven Fogel tells Muse. "With all that's going on, this year was a little different. We're all sort of living in our own little bubbles, which got us thinking about everyone's favorite game: bubble hockey."

Working with arcade company Super Chexx, the team developed a standard-sized custom table and an oversized version of the game, allowing the camera to zoom in and capture all the details. "Hornet mapped it all out and sculpted the figures to really capture the guys' likenesses, right down to Pasta's chipped tooth," Fogel says.

It took six to eight hours to film each frame of the 30-second commercial, and the team crafted two-dozen specialized painted heads for Pastrňák and Oshie to bring the action to life.

"For a couple of weeks, it was near constant communication, going over animatics, recording the players, and plotting out all the hockey action to be as realistic as possible," recalls Doug Fallon, also an agency ECD. "There was a lot of great discussion on specifics: 'What's the exact color of Pasta's plastic beard?' How many times should he swivel? How many ice cubes would fit in a mini bubble hockey Dunkin' Cold Brew?"

It's a clever skate-around, allowing the team to craft a compelling spot without bringing the platers together IRL during quarantine.

"There's definitely a lot of cool stuff left over from the shoot—the bubble games, Pasta and Oshie figures, plus their tiny heads in every possible facial expression," Fallon says. "Some plans are underway to get them into some lucky Dunkin' fans hands."

Naturally, the stars took their best shots to tease the concept on social:


Client: Dunkin'
Campaign: Bubble Hockey

Client: Dunkin'
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Manufacturing Partner: Home Arcade Games

David Gianatasio
David Gianatasio is managing editor at Clio Awards.

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