Druski's All About Google Pixel for NBA Tip-Off

Courting broad comedy all season long

Point guard. Commentator. High-powered agent. Stylist. It's all good!

Comedian Druski vows to make it to the NBA "by any means necessary" in Google Pixel's new campaign developed with brand consultancy Robot. 

Google Pixel | Built Different

His beard makes him look a bit like King James. That's where the similarity ends.

The comic basically stole the show Pixel's NBA ads last year, which is saying something given the star power involved. So, it makes sense that he's back in action with a large role.

And he doesn't disappoint, working his likable every-fan style for all its worth. Druski's relatable and funny no matter what's happening on screen, a first-string brand ambassador.

This year, he's joined by NBA royalty Giannis Antetokounmpo, Jalen Green, Kelsey Plum and Jimmy Butler, among others.

Themed "Built Different," the mockumentary-style effort will roll out across TV and social all season long. Several spots break tonight on TNT during the Lakers-Nuggets tip-off game.


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