Buffalo Wild Wings Will Be Hosting Sleepovers During March Madness

Varsity-jacket/bathrobe included

Look, a lot of you plan to kick back in bed, in your bathrobes, scarfing down saucy wings and pounding back a few cold ones while binging round the clock on March Madness.

Now, imagine such indulgence taking place in a happy, basketball-themed room, at an actual Buffalo Wild Wings sports bar, with flat-screen TVs blaring the games.

Two lucky fans, plus one friend each, will live out this particular version of the American Dream during the opening weekend of the NCAA men's basketball tournament this month. That's when a Chicago BWW transforms 160 square feet of prime floor space into a "BnB-Dubs" for a contest developed with The Martin Agency.

"Dubs" refers to the chain's two W's, natch. (The chain often refers to itself as "B Dubs.") And while you can relax in a bunk bed at the BnB, breakfast isn't on the menu. You won't mind, because that second "B" stands for "beer," "buzzer beaters" and more, as we learn in the clip below:


Narrator got excited! Had to shout! Dude, lighten up!

"The first two days of the tourney are some of the best in sports—sun up to sun down basketball," Martin Agency group planning director Mike Kelly tells Muse. "And since people are basically living at the bar, we figured why not let people literally live at the bar? And seriously, who's never dreamed of sleeping in the bar?"

Um, yeah … dreamed.

Anyway, you won't need to get a vasectomy or change your rap handle to enter the competition. Just upload a video showing why you deserve to party in the BnB and tag it #bnbdubscontest. Paint your face the colors of your favorite team. Paint whatever body parts you like. Who knows what the judges will respond to?

Winners and their pals get a sleepover on March 19, free food and drinks, plus custom varsity-jacket/bathrobes, matching signature slide-slippers and a full-body towelette for beer-and-bbq-sauce-related clean-ups.

Hey, if nothing else, you'll get out of your parents' basement for a couple of days! (Kidding, of course. They kicked you out months ago, and you've crashed in your uncle's garage ever since.)

"We're filming the entire thing and will share content throughout the experience," Kelly says.

The BnB's set up against big windows that look out onto the street. "So being responsible bar patrons is expected," he adds, with no irony whatsoever.


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