Young Woman Embraces Her 'Statche for Amazon Prime

From W+K London and director Olivia Wilde

When body hair sprouts in places you wish it wouldn't appear, how best to proceed? Do you wax? Should you pluck? In a :60 for Amazon Prime, a young woman unabashedly rocks it instead, inspired by her pop-culture heroes.

A 30-second version ran during the Academy Awards, and the work intros a new tagline: "It's on Prime."

"We wanted to inspire customers to see Prime in a more emotional and meaningful way," say Georgina Brisby and Marcelo Duarte, creatives at Wieden+Kennedy London, which developed the campaign. "It's the hub for whatever you are into. Prime caters to individuals at every stage of their lives, encouraging them to explore their personal interests through the movies they watch, the music they listen to, and the things they buy. This insight is even more powerful when you consider people going through big life moments."

As the young woman weighs hair-removal options, she looks around her room, at her mustachioed and unibrowed heroes—Einstein, Frida Kahlo, Freddie Mercury and Eddie Murphy. She then orders a Freddie-inspired jacket via Prime, confidently walks into school and dances to the beat of her tunes.

Amazon | 'Tache

"Once we had script approval, we knew we wanted a director who could make this film feel fun, fresh and cinematic," the pair tell Muse. "We also felt that this was an inherently female story, so were keen to work with a female director to bring it to life. We loved the way Olivia Wilde tackled teenage comedy and coming of age in Booksmart and were excited to see what she could bring to the script."

The ad is running in the U.S. and Canada with additional relatable stories to follow.


Client: Amazon Prime
Project Name: It’s on Prime

Media Channels: TV, Social, Digital
Client Name: Amazon Prime
Markets: US & Canada

Creative Directors: Charlie Lanus & Lucas Reis
Executive Creative Director: Susan Hoffman
Creatives: Georgina Brisby and Marcelo Duarte
Group Account Director: Lucy Murray
Account Director: Emily Gower
Account Director: Abi Devine
Account Manager: Louis Haines
Chief Strategy Officer: Dan Hill
Strategy Director: Rory Foster
Planner Melanie: Eckersley
Comms Planner: Anjali Patel
Heads of Production: Rich Adkins, Amy Leach
Producer: Iona Patterson
Production Assistant: Ross Taylor
Head of Business Affairs: Helena Tomas
Business Affairs Co-ordinator: Lenya James

Production Company: Anonymous Content
Director: Olivia Wilde
Executive Producer: Daisy Mellors
Production Company Producer: Saul Germaine
Production Manager: Ashley Roberts
Director of Photography: Chris Blauvelt
Production Designer: Karen Murphy
Costume Designer: Erin Benach
Editorial Company: Cabin Edit
Editor: Chan Hatcher
Edit Assistant: Sidney Williams / Craig Griffiths
Edit Producer: Michelle Dorsch
VFX Company: Time Based Arts
VFX Head of Production: Tom Johnson
VFX Producer: Tom Manton
VFX Supervisor: Sheldon Gardner
Colourist: Simone Grattarola
Sound Company: King Lear
Sound Designer: Jack Sedgwick
Sound Producer: Suzy Macgregor

VP Global Brand Marketing: Claudine Cheever
Global Chief Creative Officer: Jo Shoesmith
Director Global Prime & Retail Marketing: Deborah Curtis,
Global Head of Prime Marketing: Adam Craw
Worldwide Head of Creative Production: David Connell
Group Creative Director: Christopher See
Creative Director: Chris Whitehead
Creative Director: Jackie Meyer
Sr. Global Brand Planner: David Gonzales
Sr. Creative Program Manager: Nicole Miller
Creative Program Manager: Crystal Davis

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