Slayer's New 'HELL-P' Is the 'First Record You Can Play in Hell'

First, you'll have to burn the packaging

Iconic thrash-metal band Slayer unleashes some very hot licks on its latest release, a promotional disc billed as "the first record you can play in hell."

Developed by agency Kolle Rebbe to celebrate the band's farewell world tour and final album, the fire-resistant, stainless-steel-and-copper record measures 6.66 inches (of course!). And in a devilish bit of wordplay, it's billed as a Hell-P, a reference to vinyl's LP or "long player" designation (though the disc actually plays at 45 RPM). 

Slayer - Giveaway Enter to Win Repentless HELL-P

The Hell-P features a single track, "Repentless," from the band's final album, The Repentless Killogy. 

Hey, it beats your current music choices in the netherworld: "Baby Shark" on an endless loop, relieved by random helpings of Hanson. Plus, there's no need to flick your lighter—the whole damn place is on fire!

Speaking of which, to gain access to the Hell-P, fans are encouraged to set its packaging aflame. (Pure-copper coffin-shaped matchbox included.)

Six of these sonic bad-boys are being made available to the masses. Fans can who enter this Nuclear Blast Records giveaway through month's end could win a copy of the incendiary jam. Others will be sent to journalists and influencers. Gimme gimme!

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"The idea of a record you can play in hell came up during a creative brainstorming session in our agency—by Martin Strobel and Alexander Michaelsen, a truly fantastic creative team," agency executive creative director Thomas Knüwer tells Muse. "From the very beginning it was clear to us that this idea only deserved one band: Slayer. I grew up with their music and knew that nobody makes better music for hell." 

Kolle Rebbe production staffers Martin Lühe and Alexander Schillinsky oversaw the metallic design, with artwork by Janin Heymach, also a professional tattoo artist. 

The Hell-P recalls innovative work such as NatGeo's ocean-sounds recording made from plastic found in the sea, this environmental film soundtrack with algae packaging, and Peter's Home Brew coffee discs you could play, then drink.

Of course, Slayer's outing is a lot … heavier. 

"We have tested it many times, both before and after burning it," Knüwer says. "The sound quality is excellent—after all, master plates are also pressed on metal. Any normal turntable is perfectly adequate to play the Hell-P."

"This idea is a prime example that great creation is a marathon and not a sprint," he adds. "To have a good idea is certainly not easy, but to develop, sell, design and actually implement it requires persistence and a fantastic team consisting of many more people than just creatives. Guinness said, 'Good things come to those who wait.' I strongly believe good things come to those who fight relentlessly for an idea—until the metal gods allow it."


Warner Music:
Bettina Dorn, Senior Director Brand Partnership & Licensing Central Europe

Kolle Rebbe:
Thomas Knüwer, Executive Creative Director
Alexander Michaelsen, Creative Director
Martin Strobel, Art Director
Alexander Schillinsky, Executive Director Integrated Production
Martin Lühe, Production
Janin Heymach, Illustration

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