Ozzy Osbourne's a Gamer Now, Thanks to Sony PlayStation

Sharon can't believe her ears

In a Workday commercial that ran on the Super Bowl, Ozzy Osbourne set the record straight: He's earned the right to be called a "rock star," unlike corporate types who toss around such accolades left and right.

Turns out the iconic metal maestro wasn't done with brand building, returning this week in a :60 for Sony PlayStation.

"I'm very technical these days," Ozzy tells his wife Sharon as he dons PSRV 2 gear for an uproariously profane round of Horizon Call of the Mountain.

Ozzy's a scream—a gravelly doom-rock shriek!—throughout. Sharon nearly losses it when he proclaims his new-found love of tech.

Choice bits howled and yowled by Mr. O.—some alluding to his batty misadventures of yore—include:

  • "Bat, f**k bat!"
  • "Is that a friendly dinosaur?"
  • "Is that a Stormbird? Auuggggh! "
  • "Just let me kill these f*****g dinosaur machines!"
  • "Sharrrrrron! I think this Stormbird's trying to bite my head off!"

In a virtual or IRL battle vs. winged beasties, we'll bet on Ozzy to take the biggest bite every time!

We are in rare commercial territory, people. That special zone where an endorser is so singularly wacky or beloved and pop-culturally perfect they can do no wrong—no matter what's being advertised. Bill Shatner lives there. Elton John, too. Along with Lil Nas X, Ryan Reynolds and Dolly Parton.

Ozzy the gamer? We're down with that. Dude should wear that headgear on his next album cover. Does he even make music anymore? Who cares!

(Note the YouTube player image above. Perhaps it nods to a classic Memorex campaign, popular around the time Ozzy and Black Sabbath ruled the charts.)

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