Meta Hypes Personalized Ads With Catchy Dance Track by Peaches

Small businesses can (slightly) change your life

"Was there something missing in my life 'til now?
An absence I could not quite place, but always knew somehow?
And then this vegan bakery came sliding down my screen…
I felt a shockwave in my head, a tingle in my spleen."

Meta puts a sassy club spin on new-business discovery in an ebullient music video with a track performed by Peaches. The electro-pop chanteuse doesn't appear, but she sings the praises of a bakery, tailor shop, nail salon and an eco-sponge maker, all of which run personalized ads across Meta's Facebook and Instagram platforms.

Good Ideas Deserve to Be Found: A (Slightly) Life-Changing Story

The work from Doga5 and Believe Media director Floria Sigismondi (The Runaways) continues the client's "Good Ideas Deserve to Be Found" campaign, which Grace Jones memorably voiced last year.

Once again, the visuals are colorfully OTT. In the new spot, a sawed-in-half bus, ginormous sewing machine, humongous hands, bopping penguins and a shiny squid-dancer provide highlights.

The brand-boosting rewrite of Raf Rundell's funky 2018 single "Sweet Cheeks" serves the production well. So does the admission that goods and services provided by the featured small businesses could change your life—but just "slightly." (These days, small improvements are pure gold, right?)

"Peaches is a phenomenal artist, a queer icon with 30 years of groundbreaking records behind her," notes Droga5 executive creative director Thom Glover. "We wanted someone who could bring serious diva energy to the song and elevate it to something you'd actually want to listen to."

She does just that, in both the hero video above and a series of :15s rolling out soon that will ultimately focus on 11 diverse enterprises:

A (Slightly) Life-Changing Story: Bettersweet Vegan Bakery
A (Slightly) Life-Changing Story: Aloha Pawz
A (Slightly) Life-Changing Story: Ettiene Market

Along with Meta holdings, campaign elements will run across Peacock, Hulu, Spotify, Pandora and YouTube.

Here's the rest of the lyrics from the long-form spot:

"I've felt the stank-face of The Mean Moms, 'oh so cruel!'
I always had concerns my vibe could be more cool.
I languished in the corner in a saggy, baggy jean
Until this thing appeared to re-ignite my self-esteem.

Good ideas can be more than stuff we use.
They have the power to show the world we care about 'issues'.
Synthetic sponges made the act of washing-up feel tainted.
Then I was served this eco-sponge, perhaps I should be sainted!

Humanity is complex, all Ego vs Id.
I want my nails did! I want linguini squid!
Resigned to living hang-nailed, squidless, alone.
Voila! Marché Rue Dix appeared, resplendent on our phone!

We've shown you a fantastic world where everything connects.
The place where you and good ideas will always intersect.
Boundless! Endless! Lit! Infinite Possibilities, I'm down!
The place where personalized ads help good ideas get found!

They changed our lives (slightly)!
They make honey.
They changed our lives (slightly)!
Color freely.
They changed our lives (slightly)!
Spices ground.
A world where personalized ads help good ideas get found!"


Client Meta
Campaign Good Ideas Deserve to be Found
Title ‘A (Slightly) Life-Changing Story’

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Research Nickerson Research

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