J Balvin's Latest Song Began With a McDonald's Brief

'Dorado' celebrates Latino optimism

Gold records, Golden Arches … it's all good!

Colombian reggaetón sensation J Balvin based his latest track on a marketing brief from McDonald's and creative shop Alma. Dropping today, "Dorado" ("Gold") celebrates the optimistic spirit of the community, with lines such as "Where there's a Latino, there's a party" and "I'm having fun with my people."

Clocking in at a lean, upbeat 60 seconds, the song debuts tonight on Univision during a commercial break in the 21st Annual Latin Grammy Awards. After that, fans can spin "Dorado" exclusively on the McDonald's app.

Balvin appears in a cute "Dorado" promotional clip, portraying a basketball player and an abuelito (grandpa), among others. The full video's also an app-sclusive, but you can sample the flavor in these trailers:

Balvin collaborated with director Colin Tilley, who worked on videos for the singer's multi-platinum Colores album. The project represents an expansion of the relationship between Balvin and Mickey D's, following last month's introduction of a signature J Balvin meal at shops nationwide.

For the song, McDonald's tasked Balvin with devising a track "to uplift Latinos and encourage them to keep shining while remaining proud of who they are," says Elizabeth Campbell, the fast-feeder's senior director of cultural engagement. "Ultimately, J Balvin came back with a reggaetón beat and motivational lyrics that pay homage to Latinos' feel-good mindset and speak to being proud of one's heritage."

More broadly, the project extends the chain's ongoing effort to leverage popular culture and build "authentic relationships with customers by connecting with them in more meaningful ways," Campbell says.

See the song's lyrics below.



"Me fui con esta  / I went with this one
El ambiente se presta / The ambience lends itself
Aquí lo que no se sabe se inventa / Here what we don't know we invent
Tenemos la gente contenta / We have the people happy
porque dónde hay un latino hay fiesta / because where there's a Latino, there's a party

Ay, que no me esperen en la casa / Ay, don't wait for me at home
Que si esta noche no regreso /Because tonight if I don't return
Es porque estoy vacilando con mi raza / It's because I'm having fun with my people.
- Con mi raza y qué pasa? / with my people (race)  and what happens?

Ay, que se despierten los vecinos / Ay, may the neighbors wake up
Este party no lo termino / This party I don't want it to end
Gracias mamá por hacerme Latino / Thank you mom for making me Latino
-Latino, Latino / Latino, Latino

Montado en los arcos dorados como se sabe / On top of the golden arches, like you know
donde comen dos comen tres / where two eat, three can as well
y hasta mas caben / and even more can fit
esto es pa' cogerla suave / this is to take it easy
Ma' no me esperes despierta que yo llevo llave / Ma' don't wait up for me, I got the keys
La montamos donde sea / We make it happen anywhere
Pasarla bien es la idea / Having a good time is the idea
Hasta en carro ajeno se pasea / Even in someone else's' car we can stroll/ride
Yendo al grano / Getting to the point
¿Qué desea? / What do you wish/want?"


Chief Marketing Officer: Morgan Flatley
VP, Brand Content & Engagement: Jennifer Healan
Sr. Director, Cultural Engagement & Experiences: Elizabeth Campbell
Cultural Engagement Hispanic Lead: Melissa Lopez
Head of Social Media: Guillaume Huin
Social Engagement/Customer Experience Supervisor: Kaitlin LeBruzzo
Production Operations Supervisor: Elizabeth Riley-Green
Studio Production Manager: Cindy Dababneh
Studio Production Contractor: Maddie Ramirez

Creative Chairman, Chief Executive Officer: Luis Miguel Messianu
Co-President, Chief Creative Officer: Alvar Suñol
VP, Executive Creative Director:  Jorge Murillo
Creative Director: Nour da Silva
Associate Creative Director: Eddie Seiglie
Digital Content Creator: Ryan Morejon
VP, Group Account Director: Beatriz del Amo
Sr. Business Director: Karen Udlera
Sr. Account Executive: Jackie Bofill
Account Supervisor: Maria Hodgson
Sr. Director, Strategic Insights: Jennifer Pollack
SVP, Operations & Production: Michelle Headley
VP, Director of Production: Yeyo Marquez
Sr. Producer: Mimi Cossio
Director of Business Affairs: Marinet Quiñones
VP, Business Development: Michelle Cobas
Communications Manager: Sabrina Paz Riesgo

Loud & Live:
SVP, Entertainment: Edgar Martinez
VP, Client Services: Cristina Galligaris
Director, Client Services: Kemelly Figueroa

Partner/ VP, Client Services: Lauren Gongora
Account Director, Communications: Gina Carriazo Hickey
Associate Director, Communications: Abril Barba
Account Supervisor, Social Media: Melissa Cortina
Account Supervisor, Brand Engagement: Marie Segui

Boy In The Castle:
Director: Colin Tilley
Executive Producer: James Ranta
HOP: Cora Johnson
Accountant: Mary Keeler
Line Producer: Jack Winter

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