It's 'OK2Milk,' Says Queen Latifah, in Latest 'Got Milk?' Campaign

Pour milk shaming down the drain

Non-milk milk may be the rage these days. But that doesn't mean lovers of dairy substitutes should be at odds with fans of the real thing. The latest "Got Milk?" ad pokes fun at this notion and tapped Queen Latifah to portray the somber spokesperson looking to eradicate milk shaming.

In a 90-second spot from GALE, Queen Latifah calls out the dairy deniers who are subjected lactose lovers to milk shaming. These include a man who ordered milk with his dessert, but his date stormed off—briefly returning to toss the beverage in his face. And the baseball mom who brought chocolate milk to her son's game—costing the kid his on-field position.

Queen encourages haters to take pity on school lunch ladies and kittens before lobbing milk bombs. There's even a number to call (1-888-OK2-Milk) for support.

Got Milk? | OK2Milk

"In 2023, MilkPEP committed to featuring only women in their marketing," says Winston Binch, GALE's chief brand and experience officer. "For Ok2Milk, we wanted someone who has star power, commands attention, makes people laugh, has a robust social following and genuinely likes milk. This made Queen Latifah a perfect fit."

The ad just broke across on Instagram, TikTok and YouTube. Merch is available online with proceeds benefitting STOMP Out Bullying—an organization that combats cyberbullying.

"We want people to be proud when they choose milk," says Yin Woon Rani, CEO of MilkPEP, the diary group behind the ads. "The campaign was designed to give milk drinkers the space, the resources and the community they need to feel that pride. Culture-forward campaigns like Wood Milk and OK2Milk help us do just that."

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