Liquid Death and Blink-182's Travis Barker Are All About Enemas

Rocker comes clean with branded enema kit

One day, perhaps, the canned water kingpins at Liquid Death will make aspirational advertising aglow with traditional family values, picturesque picket fences, a soothing techno soundtrack and no questionable elements at all. These commercials will be uplifting and ever so tasteful.

But today's not that day. Today's about enemas.

For its latest uncomfortable excursion, the oh-so-naughty brand joins with Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker for an "Enema of the State" kit (19.2 oz. can of LD included!). The team drew inspiration from the group's 1999 multiplatinum album of that name (the one with the rad cover).

"A little while back, Travis reached out saying he wanted to do something with us, so we brought him on as an ambassador," brand VP of creative Andy Pearson tells Muse. In this promo, the terrifically tatted Barker gets naked (his boy bits pixelated) to explain what enemas mean to him:

So, care for your bottom, and you could wind up on top. Thanks for the tip, Trav!

"The shoot was just your standard enema kit shoot," quips Pearson. "It was actually Travis' idea to drop his pants when he's holding the box in front of himself. But that makes sense when you remember some of his past music videos."

But, why focus on such subject matter in the first place?

"Enemas need water. We make water. The math seemed pretty simple," Pearson says. "Why haven't more brands embraced creating their own enema kits? Truly baffling to us."


Co-Founder/CEO: Mike Cessario
SVP of Marketing: Dan Murphy
VP of Creative: Andy Pearson
VP of Marketing: Greg Fass
VP of Design: Frank Dresmé
VP of Cultwear: Misha Brunelli
Creative Director: Will Carsola
Associate Creative Director: Stu Golley
Senior Brand Manager: Tia Sherwood
Senior Nihilist: Brendan Kelly
Apparel Production & Sourcing Manager: Sean Snirk
Executive Producer: Johnny Eastlund
Senior Producer: Tatianna Rodriguez
Director: Richard Downie
Director of Photography: Adam Frisch
Photographer: Lauren Withrow
Creative Collaborators: Humanaut
Chief Creative Officer: David Littlejohn
Creative Director: Bethany Maxfield
Associate Creative Director: Steven Preisman
Copywriter: Emily DeMario
Designer: Travis Hitchcock
Brand Producer: Ben Gortmaker
Junior Brand Producer: Brooke Frazzetto
Project Producer: Zach Plating
Agency Producer: Dani Harrison

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