Grubhub Retools U.S. Strategy With Snoop Dogg

Brand tweaks his popular overseas ads for domestic consumption

If you want to get higher, Snoop Dogg's your man.

In overseas markets, he's helped Grubhub parent Just Eat elevate its image for years. Today, a retooled version of Snoop's campaign hits the U.S., where Grubhub has struggled to grow amid fierce competition.

The push is centered around "Did Somebody Say," a 2020 initiative devised by McCann London. Segments find the legendary rapper dancing on a Soul Train-type show (renamed Soul Food) and bouncing on a giant burger. He also shares a bubble bath with a cartoon pizza slice.

Most importantly, dude brings a fun track to life with his trademark drawl, name-checking meals and snacks one might order through Grubhub's restaurant delivery service.

The U.S. version makes a few edits. The Grubhub name replaces Just Eat's branding. But it's basically the same commercial.

Grubhub | Snoop Dogg

"This campaign has been on a 'global tour' since 2020, and to this day, people are still singing the track in the streets," Ariella Kurshan, Grubhub SVP growth and marketing, tells Muse. "In the first three days of the launch in the U.K., the video was viewed 4 million times and hit a record-breaking 98 percent net positive sentiment."

Globally, the work has appeared in 20 markets, earning more than 1 billion impressions across all platforms.

"In an increasingly competitive landscape, the battle to stand out and stay top of mind is more important than ever," Kurshan says. "Snoop performs the catchy food-filled song you can't get out of your head—in a way only Snoop can."

Snoop's massively overexposed these days. But that doesn't matter. He brings effortless chill and best-in-breed style to his many marketing and media gigs.

What say you, Dogg?

"See the crowd go nuts
In the middle of the show for some donuts.
Anytime any zone—Grubhub!

What you gonna do, boo?
Chocolate fondue right on cue.
Even dipping in the sea
I see food, seafood sees me.

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