Folgers Unleashes a Sonic Assault to Challenge Its 'Bad Reputation'

Who needs a classic jingle anyway?

Consider this your wake-up call.

Agency PSOne rocks loud and hard for Folgers in a raucous :60 driven by Joan Jett and the Blackhearts' FM staple "Bad Reputation." Ultimately, the original guitar-driven track segues into a brassy jazz interpretation led by New Orleans jazz maestro Trombone Shorty.

Initially, an instrumental version of the coffee brand's iconic Reagan-era "The Best Part of Wakin' Up" jingle plays briefly across grocery-aisles. That's before "Bad Rep" pumps the imagery—including scenes shot in NOLA with Folgers employees—into overdrive.

Allow Us to Reintroduce Ourselves | Folgers

Folgers has long ranked among the top U.S. ground coffees, often topping lists that gauge sales and taste. So, what's all this about a bad reputation?

"We have heard from consumers, that 'Folgers is not for me,' " explains Geoff Tanner, CMO at brand parent J.M. Smucker. "In a competitive category that has dismissed the brand and labeled Folgers as their grandma's coffee, we're shaking things up by boldly choosing to overtly acknowledge any negative misperceptions and then loudly and proudly challenge them."

It's tough to be a rebel and category kingpin at the same time. But Folgers pulls it off pretty well, with a hot tune, happy faces and steaming cups of joe.

During the shoot, "It was an amazing experience to see Troy (Andrews), aka Trombone Shorty, on set working while interacting with his community," recalls Bettie Levy, founder and CEO of BCL Entertainment, who arranged for the artist to appear "Troy's team had shared in advance that we might need to build extra time into the day, because he would see family, friends and community members on the street, and would stop to say hi to each and every one of them. Well, we were right on schedule—but wow, did endless people come up to say hi to him while shooting. It was amazing how he multitasked, making everyone feel important."

The soundtrack choice complements "our desire to address people's misperceptions about Folgers coffee head-on with a punk-rock rebelliousness that celebrates the swagger of our 35 million annual drinkers," says PSOne chief creative officer Erica Roberts.

Actually, the song is 42 years old, which is about the last time punk was anything but retro. Still, the tune's just so darn catchy, the perfect head-bopper to go with your next brimming mug.

"This new Folgers campaign is just the latest example of the unapologetic, breakthrough creative that's transforming the way we approach brand storytelling," says Tanner.

Indeed, Smucker's been brewing some fresh concepts of late, mostly centered on music. These include goofy choral takes on that Folgers ditty, mod remixes of the Meow Mix jingle, and, most notably, Jif's sticky-mouth fusion with old school rhymer Ludacris and new-breed rap artist Gunna.


Client: J.M. Smucker Co.
Brand: Folgers
Campaign Title: "Bad Reputation"
Agency: PSOne, New York

President, Groupe Client Lead: Gail Hollander
Chief Creative Officer: Erica Roberts
Creative Director, Art Director: Kim Davies
Creative Director, Copy Writer: Alanna Watson
Senior Art Director: Molly Prunka
Senior Copywriter: Blake Fromkin
Senior Designer: Zachary Collopy

Head of Production: Tim LeGallo
Executive Producer, VP: Lauren Schneidmuller
Producer: Sarah Ferrier
Senior Business Affairs Manager: Deanna Gattie

Group Account Director: Yuri Lee
VP/ Account Director: Jane Picarelli
Account Supervisor: Nia Bolling
Account Executive: Mike Daly
EVP / Strategy Director: Jennifer Baldwin
VP / Strategy Director: Allie O'Shea
Senior VP Consumer Marketing: Patricia Hallock
Senior VP Media Relations:  Alan Danzis
VP Consumer Practice: Jamie Sylves
Senior Account Supervisor Consumer Practice: Alyssa Pluchino
Senior Account Supervisor Consumer Practice: Patrick Durkin
Senior Account Supervisor Digital: Cadence Ely-Mooney
VP Project Management: Alex Orson
Manager, Project Management: Kristin Ramcharan
Social strategy Director: Tristen Sechi
Senior Social Strategist: Mariela Portillo
Social Strategist: Teylor Perks

Talent Producer Company: BCL Entertainment
Founder & CEO: Bettie Levy

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