Dua Lipa Brings Her Unique Flavor to Truly's New Campaign

Headlines bubbly TV spots and a concert series

World renowned as a singer/songwriter, Dua Lipa highlights her other talents and interests in Truly Hard Seltzer's new campaign themed "No One Is Just One Flavor."

Set to Lipa's synth-pop smash "Physical," a kicky, kitschy spot from Goodby Silverstein & Partners and director David LaChappelle combines live action and animation. In the commercial, breaking this weekend on Saturday Night Live, we learn that Lipa is also bilingual, a yoga enthusiast and a dog mom.

Truly | No One Is Just One Flavor | Flavors of Dua Lipa

That bubbly, effervescent approach, with its quick-cuts and vaguely retro vibe, fits a pitch emphasizing the Boston Beer brand's assortment of flavors (27 in all). The ad feels kind of '90s (or '80s, even), but also harkens back to far more recent pre-pandemic days—say, 2019—with its tuneful, uplifting message.

"After being in quarantine for a year, the world deserves to feel light, even if it's just for 30 seconds," Truly brand VP Don Lane tells Muse. "We've been locked away for year, and as the world opens back up, our drinkers are ready to literally and figuratively take off their masks, safely, and showcase their authentic selves to the world."

That notion should appeal to Truly's young-adult audience, and Lipa's such a hot commodity, she's sure to entice ears and eyeballs.

"There are so many different parts of us that make us unique, whether that's speaking different languages, your job, or where you call home," the artist says in a statement. "All those tiny little parts, those tiny flavors, make you who you are, and we should celebrate that."

Appropriately, the campaign itself has many facets. Along with the TV spot, out-of-home, point-of-sale, digital and social elements play into the mix.

Also on tap: a "Truly Inspired" online concert series with Live Nation featuring four top acts, who will join with Lipa for a gig in October.

"We're still nailing down specific artists," Lane says. "Right now, all of the events are slated to be livestreamed. But if Covid regulations allow, there will be in-person concert attendees."

Truly plans outdoor installations in New York and Los Angeles later this month, inviting fans to pose among outsized mirrors that produce sundry angles and reflections, creating multifaceted images for social sharing.

"In this rather polarized day and age, Truly has opted to openly celebrate the many sides of all of us," says agency co-chairman and partner Jeff Goodby. It's a big, open-armed gesture of acceptance that is really needed right now."

Alas, not everyone accepts hard seltzer—but those folks can just take off already!


Client: Boston Beer Company, Truly
Co-Founder and Chairman: Jim Koch
President and CEO: Dave Burwick
Chief Marketing Officer: Lesya Lysyj
VP Truly Brand: Don Lane
Director of Marketing Communications: Gail Felcher
Sr. Manager Integrated Communications: Emma Mandler
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