Bon Jovi Want You to Sing Their New Song, Before You Even Hear It

'Limitless' promo from BBDO

Bon Jovi's new single, "Limitless," doesn't drop until next week, but you can take a stab at singing it right now—as part of a promo designed by BBDO New York.

Fans are encouraged to visit this mobile site and belt out the lyrics to a brief instrumental track. Of course, you've never heard the classic rockers actually perform the tune, so you'll have to devise your own interpretation. How would Jon Bon Jovi sing it? We're thinking LOUD all the way! (From the sample, it sounds like a guitar-driven arena anthem. No one saw that coming!)


Post a video of yourself belting out the song on Instagram Stories with the hashtag #SingBonJoviContest for a chance to join the band on stage and duet with Jersey Jon himself on "Limitless." 

It doesn't make a difference if you make it or not. Give it a shot!

Jon explains it all here:

"We thought a campaign that challenged users to sing the new single was a good way to connect with a younger audience, but was also something the older fans could have fun with," says Jim Connolly, associate creative director at BBDO. "It seems to be working, too, as the submissions so far have come in from a really diverse variety of backgrounds and age groups."

There's no paid media, with contest promoted exclusively on Bon Jovi and Island Records' channels. "We're relying on the passion of Bon Jovi fans for organic reach" to spread word about the contest and, by extension, hype the upcoming release, Connolly says. "Who needs paid media when you have a legion of Bon Jovi fans?"

It's a rock 'n' roll promo fans needn't set on fire to enjoy!

Watch Bon Jovi fans rock out in some contest entries below. (That's wicked broom-guitar in the first clip!):


@bonjovi #singbonjovicontest

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#singbonjovicontest #singBonJoviContest @bonjovi #limitless

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Client: Jon Bon Jovi
Title: Limitless

Creative Agency: BBDO New York
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Chief Creative Officer, BBDO New York - Greg Hahn
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Executive Creative Director—Tom Markham
Associate Creative Director – Jim Connolly
Director of Integrated Production - Dave Rolfe
Executive Producer – James Young
Developer – Nick Russo
Developer – Mike Bodge
Designer – Bhanu Arbuaratna
Production Artist – Ray McGale
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