Muse Picks Panels and Parties You Shouldn't Miss at Cannes Lions 2024

Creative mavens discuss AI, sports, politics, comedy and more

As the ad world flocks to Cannes Lions 2024, this year's event is set to ignite discussions that explore society's biggest challenges through the lens of creativity and advertising.

Below, we look at some of the event's key panels featuring the world's brightest industry players.

'When AI Challenges and Champions Human Creativity' - 6/17

This session invites us to embrace the many possibilities of AI. OpenAI's CTO Mira Murati and Accenture Song CEO David Droga will be on hand for a fireside chat exploring the intersection of tech and human creativity.

'We Are All Immigrants' - 6/17

War and climate change have led to mass migration. For this presentation, Agnieszka Holland, director of The Green Border, will be joined by activist Jana Shostak and Mastercard CMO Jerzy Hołub. The latter implemented the "Where to Settle" project that helped thousands of refugees in Poland.

'Master the Art of Long-Form Creativity: Lessons from the Big Screen' - 6/18

Oscar-winning filmmaker Asif Kapadia and ServicePlan Group global CCO Alexander Schill will reveal cinematic secrets. The goal is to help creatives craft compelling stories, shape viewer emotions and amplify brand perceptions.

'The Beauty of Health Experiment: Artistry, AI & Health' - 6/19

Moderated by Emily Seal of Clio Health, this conversation features celeb photographer Rankin and centers on the intersection of artistry, craft and AI to elevate health, wellness and humanity. Presented by Adobe and IPG Health.

'The Rapid Evolution of Athletes as Brand Builders' - 6/19

Some of the NFL's most successful stars will sit down with league CMO Tim Ellis. They will dive into the world of sports marketing, share best practices and probe how brands can leverage the power of players on and off the field. 

'Comedy Is Hard AF' - 6/19

In this session, comedian Ed Night, O Positive director David Shane and agency writers Julie Matheny and Greg Hahn will create and perform a funny ad from scratch. They will use only their wits, a dinosaur costume and a roll of Bounty paper towels.

'A New Era of Entertainment' - 6/20

Creators Steven He, Josh Richards and Drea Okeke will discuss the New Hollywood storytelling style and how to get the most out of it.

'Secret Speaker: Changing the Game for Women's Sports' - 6/20

A discussion led by DDB New Zealand's CCO Gary Steele. You'll find out how this former international footballer, founder and women's sports activist empowers creatives and marketers to tap into the power of the collective. Eradicating bias and thinking boldly place high on the agenda.

'Don’t Start an Agency. Start a Brand' - 6/21

This discussion by GUT cofounders Anselmo Ramos and Gaston Bigio will provide insights into achieving your fullest potential. The two will explain how they built GUT into a Cannes Lions Independent Network of the Year.

Cannes Lions Closing Party - 6/21

After the last Lion of 2024 is awarded, more than 4,000 people will head to Carlton Beach and celebrate. The shindig is billed as the world's only New Year's party that happens on a beach in June.

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