Who'd a Dunk It? Oreo and Nintendo Collab on Limited-Edition Super Mario Cookies

The quest to save Princess Peach

It's time to save Princess Peach once again. Super Mario and Oreo have teamed up to create limited-edition cookie packages, featuring 16 different stamps.

They're available for pre-sale now and hit stores on July 10. You'll find Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Super Star, Bowser and other game characters—but no Princess Peach.

Fans are encouraged to save her and the Mushroom Kingdom by defeating Bowser via a social media challenge. To do so, they must find a Bowser-embossed cookie (which is rare) and balance it on the rim of a glass of milk. Next, they're bid to balance as many hero cookies on top until the stack falls into the milk. In this way, Bowser is defeated. Naturally, players can share a video of this "takedown" using #SuperMarioOREO, and follow Oreo on TikTok.

Prizes for those who save the kingdom will be announced on Oreo's social channels.

Super Mario x Oreo Limited Edition Cookies

"Super Mario is an iconic brand that is known for creating playful moments that bring people together—which is exactly what the Oreo brand looks for in a partner," Vishnu Nair, senior brand manager at Oreo, tells Muse. "We look forward to bringing both fanbases together over a tasty treat! Oreo and Super Mario share a similar mission to playfully connect fans of all ages and we are both thrilled to bring this partnership into the world!"

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