Wear Your Hot Sauce Like the Must-Have Accessory It Is

Primal Kitchen elevates your sauce game

Some people might find the idea of carrying hot sauce in their bag a bit too gauche, so Primal Kitchen made it fashionable to keep your condiment close with a "Secret Sauce" necklace.

The brainchild of Mischief's James Leake, Dylan Wagman, MacKenzie Hart, Helen Rieger and designer Lindsay Lewis, the necklace is 14K gold plated and adorned with Primal Kitchen's avocado logo.

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"Primal Kitchen sauces have an intense cult following. Those who know, know," says James Leake, associate creative director at Mischief. "We wanted to bring the category's best kept secret to the masses, and you can bring your favorite sauce wherever you go."

Each necklace hold 10 ml of your favorite sauce and if you're like me and wondered how this stayed clean and leakproof—here's how: the sauce is held in a glass vial and is kept shit via mini cork and snap-on hatch.

The necklace was sold with a "Secret Sauce" bundle online for $29.99. It subsequently sold out, proving that folks do not want to be without their favorite condiment.

Who says you can't take it with you...

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