Velveeta and Nails Inc. Made a Nail Polish That Smells Like Cheese

Pinkies out for that 'La Dolce Velveeta' lifestyle

There's a niche of consumers who love to smell like food, nature or something comforting. Demeter has made a living concocting eccentric fragrances since the '90s. We have perfumes that smell like tomato, tea, almond cookies and, a personal favorite, book.

With help from Johannes Leonardo, Velveeta has boarded this train, partnering with Nails Inc. to create a pair of nail polishes that smell like cheese.

"La Dolce Velveeta [JL's positioning of Velveeta as a way of life] is all about stepping out in a confident, unapologetic way to show the world that you're living a life filled with outrageous pleasure," says Kelsey Rice, senior brand communications manager at Kraft Heinz. "We loved the idea of throwing our pinkies out as an expression of outrageous pleasure. A nail polish collaboration seemed like the perfect opportunity to bring pinkies out to life and share the similarity that just like nail polish, our product has a rich creamy texture and cheesy, melty goodness."

Packaging invites users to "Make your nails look as smooth as Velveeta feels." Once the polish dries, it smells like cheese.

The nail polish is being promoted with social media and influencer marketing.

Creative shows influencers with their pinkies out and living their best life. Whether it's covering a broccoli stalk in cheese, enjoying Velveeta shells and cheese cocktail-style, or having fondue in the bathtub, trends are being set and there's no shortage of liquid gold.

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This isn't the first time JL has created a commerce product for a food brand. Earlier this year, the agency made bologna face masks on behalf of another Kraft-owned client, Oscar Mayer.

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