Toasting the Summer's Best Drink Vibes and Product Creations

Working in a canoebicle, a different take on the Magic 8 Ball and more

As summer winds down, we raise a glass to the season's best adult beverage promos and collabs. There's an elevated koozie, a search for an orange beer can, and a canoe that doubles as your workspace. (For making a splash in your career!)

Hamm's Beer x Camp Wandawega

Minnesota-based Hamm's Beer teamed up with an adult summer camp in Wisconsin to create a line of retro merch that harkens back to the '50s and '60s. There's work shirts, beach towels, koozies, coasters, inner tubes and floaties ranging from $10 to $150. "This collection is a nod to those pieces found in your grandparents' attic or seen in old family photos," William Holland, associate marketing manager for Hamm's, tells Muse. "At camp, everywhere you go is like stepping back in time to when Hamm's was one of the largest breweries in the nation. We focused on what we could have found at camp nearly 60 years ago."

Eggo x Sugarlands Distilling Co.

Mark your calendars: Aug. 24 is National Waffle Day. Eggo teamed up with Sugarlands Distilling Co. to create a liquid brunch. At 20 percent ABV, the concoction is a combination of waffle, maple syrup, butter and bacon flavors. Jars cost $24.99 and can be purchased online or from local retailers.

Keystone Light's 'The Hunt'

Hidden inside various 15, 24 or 30 packs of Keystone Light are blazing orange cans—2,000 in all. Those discovering such a container get branded merch from Keystone and hunting lifestyle brand Realtree. These include coolers, jackets, flannel shirts, beanies and koozies. Folks can also scan QR codes on packaging for a chance to win prizes.

White Claw's 'Claw Back Summer'

White Claw wants to "Claw Back Summer"—but don't we all? Through month's end, the brand is awarding experiences like a personal chef for the night, a day in a mansion, a sailing adventure and a weeklong, off-the-grid vacation to its Instagram followers. White Claw also partnered with Ranker to give its employees a well-deserved day off by blocking its office entrances with cases of the hard seltzer. (Is it disappointing that employees had to drive to work to learn about the day off?)

Leinenkugel's Canoebicle

A canoe as your workspace? We're down for lakeside living, but there's nothing carefree and loose about this mockup of someone working from a canoe. It spells disaster. The worker inside this so-called "canoebicle" looks tense, like he's about to drop his company-owned laptop in the water. (Actually, he's enjoying himself.) Canoebicles were available on the Milwaukee River, the Cherry Creek Reservoir in Denver and the Allegheny River in Pittsburgh. Work sessions cost $16. Each canoebicle was equipped with wifi, a desk and seat, waterproof speakers, storage for items that can't get wet, a shandy, plus a 6-pack for after work.

Samuel Adams' 'I CAN't' can

Sam Adams created an adult-version of the Magic 8 Ball that relieves you from your summer social obligations. Plans with friends are great, but sometimes you want to just relax and soak up the sun with a cold beverage. Cue the "I CAN't" can. Give it a shake and one of 12 different excuse options appears. Beauts include "Working on a 6-pack," "Caught an ale-ment" and "Blew out my flip flop." (The latter in Margaritaville, no doubt.) Two rounds of "I CAN't" cans were offered at $5.30 (the ABV of Samuel Adams Summer Ale) and quickly sold out.

Dogfish Head's 'Second Shot to Crush the Perfect Toast'

For the maid of honor or best man who royally screwed up a wedding toast, Dogfish Head enlisted writer and actress Abbi Jacobson to help—minus the hundreds of people who witnessed the initial faux pas. Dogfish Head requested pictures and videos detailing the botched toast. The winning entrant will receive coaching from Jacobson and a year's supply of canned cocktails.

Simply Spiked's phone-charging koozie

Simply Spiked and Mischief @ No Fixed Address created a wireless phone-charging koozie. Five hundred koozies equipped with magnet chargers were awarded to contest winners, along with Simply Spiked drinks. Now the only thing that's 5 percent is the beverage you sip poolside, not your phone battery!

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