Postmates' Comfy 'Takeoutfit,' Designed for Home Dining, Available 4/20

Taking care of the munchies in style

Postmates created the outfit of our hunger/comfort dreams and drops it on 4/20, a day that sees an increase in takeout orders.

When was the last time you actually ate at a dining room table that didn't involve a holiday or special occasion? The "Takeoutfit," created by Mother L.A., turns the wearer into a dining room table, so they can binge their favorite shows and securely devour their fave meals.

The black hoodie comes with a drop-down food-stabilizing surface, so you don't burn your thighs and an upper arm pocket to hold utensils. There's a flavor enhancement pouch to carry condiments or 4/20 accoutrements, and sleeves that double as washable, removable napkins.

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Five hundred Takeoutfits were created and one can be yours for $50, beginning on 4/20. For folks living in NYC, L.A. and Nashville, Takeoutfits can be added to food orders on 4/20 from Prince Street Pizza, Bludso's BBQ and Nicoletto's, respectively.

"Postmates understands your irrational relationship with food," said Biz Anderson, strategist at Mother. "This felt like the right opportunity for us because we know that when you order takeout you don't eat it at the dining table, you eat it on the couch in front of the TV. There wasn't anything out in market that made eating takeout on the couch better, so we did."

A 30-second video says goodbye to a fancy MacKenzie-Childs-decorated dining room table and hello to the Takeoutfit in action.

Takeoutfit | Postmates

"Since 4/20 is a big holiday for sitting on the couch and ordering delivery, we like to celebrate with food first," Brittany Hoffman, head of marketing at Postmates tells Muse. "Last year we partnered with Howlin’ Ray’s to launch their first ever Nashville hot nuggets, appropriately dubbed “Nugs” and the year before, we partnered with Action Bronson and Shake Shack for the ultimate 4/20 meal, the SmokeShack burger."

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