Miller High Life Made a Leg Lamp for Christmas That Dispenses Beer

It's no Red Ryder, but you could shotgun a beer

If you're not pronouncing the word fragile throughout this story as FRAA-JEEL-AAY, are we even friends?

Miller High Life had given the iconic leg lamp from A Christmas Story an upgrade—it now holds beer, so when you're wearing the lampshade on your head, guests will just assume you're refilling the lamp.

The lamp holds a six-pack of the Champagne of Beers and coincides with the recent launch of A Christmas Story Christmas—a sequel where Ralphie is all grown up deal with Christmas as a dad. (The OG movie is 39 years old, which does not seem possible!)

The lamps go on sale Tuesday, Dec. 9, at 10 a.m. ET. They cost $120 and will likely sell out that morning, so if it's on your nice list, pretend it's Taylor Swift tickets and queue up early!

Miller High Life Leg Lamp

"Miller High Life wanted to put a High Life twist on the unmistakable leg lamp," says Rachel Rogers, brand management at Molson Coors. "This twist lets fans bring the tradition home—and keeps the holiday party going with a refillable boot from our very own Girl in the Moon. The High Life Leg Lamp Beer Tower will blaze in unparalleled glory now with the signature effervescence of the Champagne of Beers."

The brand bought the idea from ICF Next this fall. The lamp arrives in a box labeled Fragile, but we all know how to pronounce this special delivery!

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Below, check out the iconic scene from The Christmas Story—the unboxing of the leg lamp!

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