Mailchimp Launches Digital Magazine for Entrepreneurs of Color

Kin helped develop Bloom Season

Plant a seed and watch it grow. If only running an SMB was that easy.

To nurture minority-owned businesses at a time when such enterprises face more challenges than ever before, MailChimp has launched Bloom Season, a digital magazine covering issues relevant to entrepreneurs of color.

"The name was something we thought really captured the idea that the path for small-business owners of color should be paved with possibilities and not roadblocks," says Kwame Taylor-Hayford, co-founder of creative agency Kin, which helped develop the project. "They are the roses that grew from concrete. We're here to help them realize their ambitions and build the businesses of their dreams."

This video trailer expands on that mission:

Welcome to Bloom Season I Mailchimp

Kin's team designed the magazine to support folks "who have been disproportionately impacted by social injustice, the pandemic and recession in 2020," Taylor-Hayford says. We decided it was time to address that via an engaging, accessible digital experience. There isn't a lot out there from an editorial perspective that accurately captures the experience of business owners of color—deliberately written, designed, photographed, illustrated and videoed by the community, for the community."

Debut-issue highlights include:

Previously, the Mailchimp-Kin team devised "Support the Shorts" giving marginalized filmmakers a broader platform, and "By the Books," an online literary festival championing diverse authors and content.

"We're big on developing enduring platforms in support of specific communities or issues that can evolve over time," Taylor-Hayford says. Moving ahead with Bloom, he hopes to "help our entrepreneurs realize the full potential. For some that might be evolving their business models or making more money, and for others it might be finding a better balance between personal and professional life."

"We developed this inaugural issue to address the specific challenges that Black entrepreneurs face—isolation, alienation and mistrust," he adds. "The content is designed to provide actionable insights and specific resources to navigate those challenges. Future issues of Bloom Season will be focused on addressing the needs of other diverse communities."

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