Keystone Light and Fishwife Create Smooth Snackle Pack

To keep your energy high when the fish won't bite

Snacking is an essential part of everyone's day because energy must be maintained—even when you've gone fishing.

With this in mind, Keystone Light teamed up with Fishwife to create the Smooth Snackle Pack, a tackle box for your necessary snacking needs.

Fans can leap to buy a Smooth Snackle Pack on Feb. 29. The tackle box, created with Phaedon, is equipped special sections for both beer and tinned fish. The kit costs $30 and comes with a three pack of Fishwife's smoked rainbow trout and a gift card for a delivery of Keystone Light to your home ... or dockside!

"To celebrate the start of the 2024 fishing season and our latest fishing packaging, we approached Fishwife with the idea to find the perfect fish to pair with the beer, and Fishwife's rainbow trout proved to be just the right catch," says Matt Lafferty, brand manager for Keystone Light.

The collab is being promoted via brand social media channels.

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