It's a Lush Collab With Super Mario Bros. Movie. Woo-hoo!

Power up your bath game

Lush has bottled the sweet, sweet smell of video game nostalgia. So if you've ever wanted to small like Princess Peach, Mario and Luigi, now's your chance.

The brand partnered with the newly-released Super Mario Bros. Movie on a line of bath and shower products. You'll savor jelly odes to Bowser (cinnamon and star anise) and Princess Peach, discover Mario and Luigi-themed gels (cola and apple, respectively), and make a splash with question-block bath bombs with varying soaps inside—the star being the rarest of all.

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"We felt that Super Mario Brothers was a great opportunity as it has a nostalgic following, whilst also capturing the hearts of younger gens," says Melody Morton, concepts creative director at Lush.

The collab has been in the works for 10 months with minimal promotion from Lush, save for store window displays. Outreach was leveled up, however, thanks to the question block bath bomb trending on TikTok, a platform where Lush doesn't have an account. This question block was also the hardest product to create.

"We love the authenticity of user generated content, we know that if we create innovative products, our customers will share it," Morton tells Muse. "We had to engineer a bath bomb that was very heavy, with a soap inside, that would also float and create a beautiful bath art. It took about three months of development."

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