Ford, Sydney Sweeney Team Up Again on New Merch Line

Elevating women in the automotive field

Ford has teamed up again with actress Sydney Sweeney for a line of women's workwear. In a video from Wieden+Kennedy New York, Sweeney wears Ford-branded coveralls as she performs maintenance on her 1965 Mustang, replacing the spark plugs and air filter, then changing the oil.

Sydney Sweeney x Ford Mustang

In addition to Sweeney (who's repped Ford workwear before), the new line is modeled by restoration enthusiasts Adri Law, Gelica Peralta, Sandy Rancatore, Isabelle Rosa and Lauren Fox.

"Sydney shared her passion for restoring her vintage Ford Bronco on TikTok and it showed up on our FYPs naturally," say W+K copywriter Jen Hubbard and art director Laura Bailey. "It was both exciting and surprising to see, but we realized that it shouldn't be surprising to see a woman working on her car—it should be normal. That's what initially sparked our interest in pursuing a partnership."

The Ford x Sydney Sweeney workwear line, a collab with Dickies, includes coveralls for $119.99, a racing jacket priced at $99.99, a T-shirt for $29.99, and a $34.99 hat.

There's also a handbook that doubles as a lookbook with instructions on standard car maintenance tasks.

"The campaign helped us widen the stereotypical definition of a Ford driver, as well as who traditionally has an interest in automotive since it is such a male-dominated space (less than two percent of mechanics are women)," Hubbard and Bailey tell Muse. "In making the garage a more inclusive space, it was important for us to design a line of merch that everyone would feel comfortable wearing."

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