Eos Made a Lock for Women's Lotion So Men Will Stop Stealing It

Hands off our lotion!

There's a series of viral TikToks that show men moisturizing with Eos' vanilla cashmere lotion. Apparently, women worry such hype will lead to a product shortage. So, the brand and Mischief developed a "Lotion Lock" to address the situation.

Special bottles sport locks that open based on combinations of letters, numbers and emojis (purple devil, broken heart, rocket ship and star). Those interested can visit eoslotionlock.com to snag a free and amazingly secure container.

"Eos spends so much of its time listening to its highly-engaged community. When we saw that men had discovered our body lotion, deep social listening also showed us that women were sharing concerns that this hype would lead to a shortage of a product which is already extremely popular," says Carley Caldas, vice president of brand marketing and media. "The Lotion Lock is our response—safeguarding your product from partners, friends and roommates who want to smell like vanilla cashmere. Because, who wouldn't?"

The product is in prototype phase and will be developed depending on demand. (We bet you'll be seeing more of these next year.)


Soyoung Kang, Chief Marketing Officer
Carley Caldas, VP, Brand Marketing and Media
Kirby Reynolds, Senior Brand Manager, Content & Social
Laura Bierbaum, VP Public Relations & Corporate Comms 

Mischief @ No Fixed Address
Greg Hahn, Co-Founder and CCO
Bianca Guimaraes, Partner & Executive Creative Director
Kevin Mulroy, Partner & Executive Creative Director
Hunter Fine, Creative Director 
Marcus Lim, Art Director
Will Dempster, EVP Production
Danielle Balanov,  Producer 
Elly Lupi, Business Manager 
Kerry McKibbin, President & Partner
Kelsey Brown, Account Director
Jeff McCrory, Partner & Head of Strategy 
Hannah Newport, Strategy Director
Oliver McAteer, Head of Development & Partner

Production Company:  Lobo
Managing Partner  Lobo: Luis Ribeiro
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