Do You Love It? How Brands Are Celebrating Valentine's Day

Campaigns from Simply Spiked Limeade, Tinder, Who Gives a Crap and more

Love may or may not be in the air, depending on the brand. Let's get to the heart of the matter with a selection of this year's notable V-Day campaigns.

Greenfield Natural Meat Co., 'Bae-con Basket'

Greenfield Natural Meat Co. answers the question: What do people love more than love? It's bacon! Which leads, of course, to a "Bae-con Basket." Created by No Fixed Address, a social and influencer campaign showcases the optimal ingredients. We especially enjoyed the bacon roses. Twenty-five people who follow Greenfield on Insta can tag their bae to receive basket items.

Two Hot Asians, 'Recipe Therapy'

Lovesome, a creative collective side hustle led by Oscar Gierup, Hampus Elfström and Kristina Samson, developed a cookbook for Two Hot Asians hot-sauce. It vows "Recipe Therapy" for couples through the question, "What do you want to eat?" Sixteen different response form the basis of mealtime treats. Example: "Something without meat" = veggie tacos.

Simply Spiked Limeade, 'Valen-lime Kits'

"Will you be my Valen-lime?" asks Simply Spiked Limeade in its heart-shaped kits. The items were offered online (onlime?) for $2.14 and contained candles, date-night conversation cards and a coupon for free limeade. Simply Spiked also partnered with Tinder for a "Rizz Quiz," which app users can take to create spicy pickup lines.

Tinder, 'Ink Twice'

Speaking of Tinder, the brand's "Ink Twice" promo explores the notion that's it's never a good idea to indelibly write your love's name on your body. Half of singles who enter new relationships feel self-conscious about old-relationship tats. "Ink Twice" offers free coverups in New York, Los Angeles, Miami and Austin to help folks move on. Fans have until Feb. 16 to apply with a backstory about their skin illos. Those chosen will have three months to schedule appointments.

Belairdirect, 'Safety on My Mind'

belairdirect | Safety On My Mind

Canadian insurer Belairdirect launched a '90s R&B-inspired music video on how sexy safe driving can be. With hands at 10 and 2, eyes looking straight ahead and lines like "We can parallel park this car all night," what's not to love?

Who Gives a Crap, 'Flush Your Ex'

"Get ready to get petty" begins Who Gives a Crap's "Flush Your Ex" campaign. The brokenhearted can mend their sadness while helping the environment. Old love letters and cards sent to the brand will be recycled and turned into toilet paper. Consumers won't be able to buy a roll made specifically from their ex's mushy nothings. But they'll have the satisfaction of knowing that somewhere, a complete stranger is literally poo-pooing the whole affair.

Here's some B-roll:

Hendrick's, 'Gintimates'

Hendrick's gin partnered with Wiederhoeft to create lingerie for its bottles called "Gintimates." There's a bottle corset, a garter for your pinky and a "cocktail pasty" (aka, a rose for your vase or the side of a martini glass). Hendrick's recommends a cucumber garnish for that one. 

SAXX, 'Upside Down Heart Pendant'

Quality Meats crated a campaign for SAXX that invites women to buy underwear for their men. And there's a very special enticement: an upside-down heart pendant with two diamonds that resemble testicles. For $5,000, one lucky lady can score the jewelry, which comes with a matching set of SAXX and Hanky Panky undergarments Proceeds benefit the Testicular Cancer Foundation. Ball's in your court.

P.F. Chang's, 'DUMPlings'

Have you been dumped recently? P.F. Chang's has your back with "DUMPlings" all month long. To receive six free shrimp or pork treats, text CHANGSDUMPLINGS and a breakup story to 855-697-6181. (You do need to spend at least $1 first, however.)

eos, 'Vagentine's Day'

Bless eos for dubbing Feb. 13 "Vagentine's Day." With help from Mischief @ No Fixed Address, the brand encouraged fans to write celebratory tidbits about their private parts and tag @eosproducts for a chance to win sex-ay merch.

Heinz, 'Emotional Support Ketchup Bottle'

Wieden+Kennedy and Carat created an "Emotional Support Ketchup Bottle" so users can BYOK to any function. "Your ketchup will always be there for you, even if you get ghosted," the brand said. The bottles, complete with carrying straps, sold out on Amazon.

We'll end this roundup with some good vibes: Skyn is offering consumers 20 percent off two or more items for using the code VALENTINE20.

Happy V-Day!

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