Cub Cadet Makes Special Sneakers... for Mowing the Lawn

For people who love doing yardwork

For some people, yardwork is a passion. So much so that Cub Cadet created 20 pairs of sneakers—in both men's and women's sizes—designed specifically for mowing the lawn. (And all this time, I've been demoting my old running shoes to "mow the lawn sneaks.")

The footwear was created by Omar Bailey, designer and former head of the Adidas Yeezy Innovation Lab. These lace-free kicks rock a water-resistant upper, resist grass stains and boast an LED tongue. A raffle was held last week and winners can now score the shoes for $1.

"Ultimas by Cub Cadet were created for the brand's most passionate fans for whom lawn care is a hobby, not a chore," says Andrew Miller, VP, group earned creative director at Exponent. "It also presented a chance to engage new audiences and boost unaided brand awareness in a year in which no new major products are being announced. The end product combined practical elements with features directly inspired by the Ultima, including a step-out heel frame."

These kicks will have your neighbors throwing shade at your lawn.


Client—Cub Cadet
Creative Agency—Colle McVoy
PR Agency—Exponent
Footwear Designer—Omar Bailey

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