Capri Sun Creates 'Kid-Noise Canceling Juice Drink' for Back-to-School Season

It's 50 seconds of heaven

With back-to-school season upon us, Capri Sun is doubling down on the notion of quiet time for parents. Specifically, the brand and Mischief @ No Fixed Address are offering "Kid-Noise Canceling Juice Drink" packs.

Playing off the notion that each Capri Sun pouch takes 50 seconds to drink, the brand tricked-out its packaging in the style of boxes of expensive noise-canceling headphones.

Watch the video below as kids chug Capri Sun and parents bask in slightly less than 1 minute of quietude.

Capri Sun | Kid Noise Canceling Juice Drink

Each package includes two juice pouches and a $100 Taskrabbit credit to delegate an errand or job to someone else. Fast-fingered parents can score a free box online, while supplies last.

"Leveraging the insight that parents get 50 seconds of calm with a Capri Sun, the brand wanted to find a way to give them even more peace of mind during the busy back-to-school season," Samantha Mills, associate director of brand communications at Capri Sun, tells Muse. "Taskrabbit was the perfect partner for this campaign because it gives parents the luxury of delegation. Parents can enjoy a bit more 'me time' knowing that their back-to-school to-do list is being taken care of."

The campaign is being pushed heavily on social, via Meta and TikTok.

"This idea stemmed from the fact that kids love Capri Sun juice packs and can't help but drink them non-stop, unlocking a moment of calm for parents," adds Mills.

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