Busch Light Invites You to Unwind at This Ice Shanty in Minnesota

Fishing the winter days away

Given the hell of the last two years, spending some Q-time in a remote ice shanty, fishing through a hole in the frozen surface of Minnesota's scenic Mille Lacs Lake, sounds pretty sweet.

You could unwind and contemplate the folly of existence. And chug free beer. And tell friends you caught a dozen smallmouth bass in single a day. They'll know you're lying, but who cares? It's your shack, dammit!

Busch Light invites fans to make such dreams come true by submitting the brand's logo in a contest through Jan. 28:

The grand-prize winner gets to hang at the 8-by-12-foot dwelling from Feb. 5-11, with a seasonal rental offered shortly thereafter.

The place is fully wired, so you can ping friends and make them green with envy! It's stocked with brew, beef jerky, cheese curds—and live bait for fishing.

Looks better than most of the dumps I've called home. It'll sink to the bottom once the spring thaw arrives. But you'll be long gone, so who cares?

M&C Saatchi Sport & Entertainment devised the promo, which hypes these chill, limited-edition cans:

"With ice fishing's increase in popularity since the pandemic, there was no better time to honor this winter tradition," says Daniel Blake, group VP of marketing at Busch parent A-B InBev. "The solitude of a frozen lake is the perfect place to crack a beer and take in the beauty around you. The ice shanty leverages the beauty of nature to help alleviate some of the stress and fatigue that has been impacting all of us."

It beats slogging around the mosquito-infested woods, searching for a branded pop-up shop, that's for sure!

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