This Burger King x FILA Collaboration Is Pure Fire

Sneakers, bucket hats, socks and more

What do you get when you add a flamethrower to a flame-broiled Whopper? A fire collab between Burger King Brazil and FILA.

Branded merch, including FX-33 sneakers, socks, shoulder bags and bucket hats, are available online and in stores throughout Brazil while supplies last. Think lots of orange and brown hues, crackled leather to mimic BK's grills and a custom tag on the shoelaces.

"The Collab Born Out of Fire" was created by DAVID São Paulo and targets Gen Z. It's also FILA's first foray into fast food and BK's first step into fashion.

Burger King x FILA: Born Out of Fire

"The main point of this partnership is the value that our target, Gen Z, sees in these collabs, especially with fashion brands, and how much BK is a brand that people are proud to show off because they are genuinely passionate about," says agency ECD Rogério Chaves.

"The objective was creating all this conversation around the fire, which was visually very interesting. People are wearing the pride they have in being fans of the Burger King brand."

The items will be promoted on social and digital, with influencers bringing the heat.


Agency: DAVID São Paulo
Campanha: The Collab Born from Fire
Client: Burger King Brazil
Partner and Global CCO: Pancho Cassis
Global COO: Sylvia Panico
ECD: Edgard Gianesi, Renata Leão
DC: Fabrício Pretto, Rogério Chaves
Creative Team: Renato Simon, João Cunico, João Siqueira, Letícia Ventura
Account: Tom Gil, Cacá Franklin, Malu Figueiredo, Laís Barbara
Producer: Fernanda Peixoto, Ariama Pereira, Ana Marques, Letícia Brito
Editor: Silvio Figueira, Victor Folha
Plannning: Carolina Silva, Daniela Altenfelder, Barbara Pires
Media: Marcia Mendonça, Karina Takara, Jefferson Souza, Brenda Cunha, Yuri Bohn, Fabiana Rentes
Innovation and Tech: Toni Ferreira
Social Media: Maike Maio, Marcelo Reis, Ully Correa, Bruno Portela
Data Intelligence: Ana Veiga, Bruno Moura
Global PR Director: Sandra Azedo
BK Approval: Ariel Grunkraut, Juliana Cury, Pedro Laguárdia, Larissa Zanardi, Juliana Monteiro
Fila Approval: Adriana David, Bruno Mourão, Leonardo Stern, Andre Alegre, Raphael Fernandes
Production Company: ICONOCLAST
Director: Ed Raw
Pós-production: Iconoclast
Sound Production: HEFTY

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