This Brewer Built a Tiny Pub for Two, to Emphasize Quality Over Quantity

Well, three if you count the bartender

Thanks to Emerson's Brewery, guests can raise their pints in a pint-sized pub.

The New Zealand microbrewer and DDB have created a stylish, fully appointed barroom that measures 8 meters long by 2 meters wide. There's space for two patrons, two comfy stools, one bartender—and a very small piano.

As we learn in the video below, this Tiny Pub is perfect place for old friends to get together and toast life as the nation emerges from lockdown. (Keep an eye out for diminutive visual gags.) 

"Emerson's has a cult following in the south of New Zealand but is less known in the rest of the country. We were asked to help introduce the brand to the nation and showcase its values," DDB Australia & New Zealand creative chief Damon Stapleton tells Muse.

Just what are those values? Stapleton explains:

"They prefer quality over quantity. And unlike other craft breweries, they don't have a never-ending parade of new variants. We wanted to introduce people to this considered, pared-back style of drinking. You don't need to be in a massive gastro bar being served deconstructed tacos to enjoy our beers. The pub has everything you need to enjoy the perfect beer, and nothing more."

Four Emerson's brews are on tap (full size!), and there's one menu item—cheese (in small portions).

"Given we were trying to introduce an ethos around drinking, it felt that something people could experience would be more effective [than more traditional TV or digital ads]," Stapleton says. "It also helped that people have been locked inside for so long, so are desperate to get out and reconnect with mates."

Mounted on a trailer rig, the structure literally rolled out in Auckland last week and will visit other locations soon. Guests can book free 27-minute slots at the bar. (Just a little short of a half-hour. Heh.)


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