A Brazilian Beer's '5 Billion Star Hotel' Offers Heavenly Views

Cerveza Patagonia hopes the back-to-nature experience becomes a movement

Cerveza Patagonia, along with Beta Collective, created a "5 Billion Star Hotel" atop a mountain in São Paulo state in Brazil.

Instead of a hotel room with a view, visitors sleep under the stars, and probably enjoy a beer or two, in one of five tents available—each sleeps two people.

The hotel was open for the 10 first days of September. To win a visit, contestants had to post a photo of their own "5 Billion Star Hotel" with the hashtag #HotelPatagonia on Twitter or Instagram.

"We hope that our hotel will serve as the beginning of a movement, to show the public that everyone can enjoy a transformative experience in contact with nature, without even having to spend a lot of money," says Thiago Leitão, head of marketing at Cerveza Patagonia Brazil.

More than 1,000 people applied to stay at this starry hotel in less than a week. It took five months to create, with visits to more than 30 sites before choosing the location.

"We are promoting the hotel with content on Cerveza Patagonia's social channels and in partnership with influencers who will spend the night," says Bernardo Tavares, founder and creative director of Beta Collective. "I wouldn't be surprised if the 5 Billion Star Hotel from Patagonia turned into a franchise, maybe global franchising. Why not dream? The sky's the limit."


Company: Ambev (Cerveza Patagonia)

Creative Collective: Beta Collective
Creative Director: Bernardo Tavares
Senior Art Director: Leandro Bechara
Senior Copywriter: Bernardo Tavares

Marketing Team: Gabriela Gallo, Thiago Leitão, Eduardo Fernandes, Andre Guide
Producer: Samantha de Freitas Vieira

Executive Director: Gustavo Silveira

Executive Producer: Alice Ventura
Field Producer: Gustavo Massola
Photographers: Alexandre Suplicy, Gustavo Massola, Lucas Tomazzoni

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