AT&T Creates 5G Football Helmets for Deaf Athletes

Technology to even the playing field

Athletes at Gallaudet University, a college for the deaf and hard of hearing, recently got a high-tech communications boost on the football field courtesy of AT&T.

The brand created a 5G helmet designed to connect players and coaches in real-time, so they can effectively interface at the fast pace of a game.

Using a tablet, the coach selects a play and, with the click of a button, sends instructions to the quarterback via 5G. An AR lens inside helmet shows the QB which play to run, and he in turn can update his teammates.

Typically, a deaf or hard-of-hearing athlete would look to the sidelines for instructions. The helmet keeps the players focused on the game.

AT&T 5G Helmet

"We don't always put our players in the best situation, because if a player can't see you, if you're not locked in with eye contact, they're not going to know what I'm saying," explains head coach Chuck Goldstein in the video above from Translation.

In the clip, we watch the team train, run patterns and gather inside a classroom for a big announcement. AT&T reps explain how they worked for the past year to simplify comms between coaches and players.

"This will change football," Goldstein says.

A 60-second spot is in the works for TV and on AT&T's social media platforms.

"The AT&T 5G-connected Helmet has been one of Translation's most ambitious projects to date," adds Jason Campbell, chief creative officer at Translation + UnitedMasters. "Collaborating closely with AT&T, we embarked on a collective journey, aligning their brand purpose of 'Connecting Changing Everything,' and together, brought forth a cutting-edge innovation that can be used to create more equitable opportunities, not just for deaf football players but for the entire deaf and hard of hearing community."

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