19 Crimes Creates Glowing Wine Bottles Featuring Frankenstein's Monster and Dracula

Scan the QR code ... if you dare

Frankenstein's monster is partial to Cabernet Sauvignon. For Dracula—who used to abstain—well, these days, any red wine will do.

For Halloween, 19 Crimes added the faces of Frankie and Drac to some of its labels. They glow in the dark, and brave souls can scan a QR code to access a website where the characters spring to life. They discuss vine flavor profiles. Dracula pairs his blend with lamb chops for dinner. If you ever wanted to hear Frank say "mouthfeel," this is your chance.

19 Crimes | Dracula
19 Crimes | Frankenstein

Denomination Design created the labels and Tactic produced the AR content.

"Treasury Wine Estates were approached by NBC Universal for a partnership opportunity, pairing their monster characters with the 19 Crimes brand," says Rowena Curlewis, CEO and co-founder of Denomination. "We used a glow-in-the-dark varnish to create that effect during the printing process, which was not difficult at all. It's simply a different ink, and a more complicated way of setting up the artwork as we needed to create two images juxtaposed together."

Denomination has used AR on wine bottles sold in Asia, Australia and the U.S. "We find that it’s an excellent way of introducing additional messaging as well as storytelling beyond the constraints of a label," Curlewis tells Muse.

19 Crimes employed a similar process for Cali Gold, letting users hear Snoop Dog perform "What's My Name?" when they scanned the label. His partner in crime, Martha Stewart, launched her own wine and AR experience with Martha's Chard.

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