Filmmaker Tara Motamedi on Visual Filmmaking and Telling Purposeful Stories

Plus, a look at her short film 'For the Birds'

First-generation American Tara Motamedi grew up in Iran. She was raised in a liberal Azeri-Kurdish household and speaks three languages. Wishing to pursue a film career, Tara moved to the U.S., where she earned a BA in film production and an MFA in screenwriting.

Having a multicultural background has allowed Tara to recognize differences but, more importantly, similarities between people around the world. Her work consists of strong character-driven narratives that allow her to connect with audiences beyond the visual execution.

In our latest episode of Long Story Short, Tara talks to us about detail-oriented filmmaking, choosing projects that align with her personal career goals, and how to use a platform to make a positive impact. 

For more about Tara, and the work she discusses in the video, visit these links: 

Video edit by Carly Angeloni.

"Long Story Short" is a new Muse video series produced with FREE THE WORK, a nonprofit initiative and talent discovery platform for underrepresented creators. Head to to search for more talented creators to work with. For more about Tara Motamedi, visit her Free The Work page.

Ashley Epping
Ashley Epping is art director of Muse by Clio and program lead at the Clio Awards.

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