Writer-Director Richard Valencia on Uplifting Voices of the Unheard

Plus, why he's drawn to grounded characters in narrative film

Born in San Francisco, Richard Valencia is a first-generation Filipino American writer-director. After working in the music industry, he co-founded a film production studio in 2018 called Burned Negative, focused on bringing diverse voices to the forefront of the entertainment industry. Much of his work from the past year has been centered on developing his first narrative feature.

Richard's work has been cultivated by a need to uplift voices of the underrepresented. He shares that having diverse conversations in front of and behind the camera offers valuable insight to the worlds other people live in.

In our latest episode of Long Story Short, Richard talks to us about working with local artists, his admiration for grounded characters, and indie filmmakers turned Hollywood stars. 

For more about Richard, and work he discusses in the video, visit these links: 

Video edit by Carly Angeloni.

"Long Story Short" is a new Muse video series produced with FREE THE WORK, a nonprofit initiative and talent discovery platform for underrepresented creators. Head to freethework.com to search for more talented creators to work with. For more about Richard Valencia, visit his Free The Work page.

Ashley Epping
Ashley Epping is art director of Muse by Clio and program lead at the Clio Awards.

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