Filmmaker Jazeel Gayle on Gender and the Politics of Privilege

Plus, recent work he's proud of and admires

Jazeel Gayle is a writer and director from New York City. He was born in Kingston, Jamaica, and then immigrated to the Big Apple, where he's spent most of his adult life. His creative style is a cross between slick fashion-oriented narratives and human rights messaging. He currently lives and works in Los Angeles as a freelance director. 

Jazeel's reflective thinking is double sided. He considers how his work's messaging may be interpreted differently than his intentions, but brings himself to remember the real reasons he needs to discuss issues men face. In a similar fashion of thought progression, he's also recently been considering the various reasons why people are seeking out Black creatives at this time. But he reminds himself and his peers that when a door opens, the best thing is to run through it. Jazeel is making waves, and leaving no room for his audience to get comfortable.

In our latest edition of Long Story Short, Jazeel talks to us about pushing against the mainstream, breaking formats, and taking time to work free from burdens. 

For more about the work Jazeel discusses in his video, please visit these links: 

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Video edit by Carly Angeloni.

"Long Story Short" is a Muse video series produced with FREE THE WORK, a nonprofit initiative and talent discovery platform for underrepresented creators. Head to to search for more talented creators to work with. For more about Jazeel Gayle, visit his Free The Work page.

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Ashley Epping is art director of Muse by Clio and program lead at the Clio Awards.

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