For PLEZi, Kristen Bell Co-Stars With a Sack of Sugar

And we don't mean Dax Shepard

They say actors should never work with kids or animals. A sack of sugar, however, can't possibly steal scenes.

Or can it?

We learn the answer in the spot below from PLEZi Nutrition, which features Kristen Bell and a big ol' bag of the sweet stuff. The latter stands in for KB's son, because kids on average consume more than 50 pounds of sugar each year—much of that in overly-sweet soft drinks and juices.

The sack plays soccer, rides a bike and sets off for school. It's a 100-percent natural performance.

PLEZi | Raising a Sugar Baby Is Absurd

"We had a lot of fun laughing at the absurdly good ridiculousness of the 53-pound Sugar Babies," says Kat Ott, co-president of Havas Chicago, which developed the campaign. "We had a great laugh every time we set up one of the Sugar Babies on set."

For some, the commercial won't live up to its "Absurdly Good" tagline. Maybe it tries too hard? Even so, it makes an important point in a memorable way. And Bell's always great in everything.

Michelle Obama co-founded PLEZi. The company seeks to "create higher standards for how the U.S. makes and markets food and beverages for kids." 

Yesterday, canned water kingpin Liquid Death explored similar turf, railing against the evils of youngsters consuming too much sugar. It did so in typically freaky fashion, with Chace Crawford in costume as his superhero character from The Boys, blowing cigarette smoke at school kids.

For some, such naughtiness probably qualifies as absurdly great.

PLEZi's far less edgy. But it put Sacky in goal, and that's well worth a look.

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