2 Minutes With … Luc Du Sault, Partner and CCO at LG2 Quebec

On solving visual problems as a second nature

Luc is partner and chief creative officer of LG2 Quebec, which he co-founded in 2004. He leads a group of diverse talents to problem-solve for the Quebec Health Ministry, Société de l'assurance automobile du Quebec, Canac Hardware, Domino’s, Ocean’s Spray and the Quebec Dairy Board. 

We spent two minutes with Luc to learn more about his background, his creative inspirations and recent work he's admired.

Luc, tell us …

Where you grew up, and where you live now. 

I grew up in Quebec City, which is an old, beautiful and inspiring town. I traveled a bit, but I chose to come back here to have a family and a career. Quebec City has a cool European feel and everyone speaks French.

How you first got interested in health. 

I've worked on the Quebec Ministry of Health account for almost 20 years. In advertising years, that's nearly 100! But my team and I are never bored because of the creative possibilities. When you think of health, it is the most precious asset we have. It's easy to bring tension to the work when there's a lot to lose. We all have a mind and a body we can lose at any time. The best stories are based on tension—health has the potential to create the best stories.

One of your favorite projects you’ve ever worked on.

A road safety project called "Living Radar."

A recent project you're proud of.

We just finished a project called "Address Change" for the homeless shelter Dans la rue. With more homeless than ever, finding a new way to provide warm, winter clothes for those in need is incredibly useful.

One thing about how health is evolving that you're excited about. 

We're just beginning to understand mental health issues. In the next few years, there will be more creative opportunities. Think about all the stigmas: neurodiversity, anxiety, depression, Alzheimer's, autism. So much has to be done in this area.

Someone else's work, in health or beyond that you admired lately. 

"Morning After Island" is such a brilliant, simple solution. It has to be one of the best pieces of work in the last five years.

A book, movie, TV show, or podcast you recently found inspiring. 

Movie: The Holdovers. Beyond the lovely story and amazing acting, the art direction is just delightful.

Book: Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert. Great for creatives, a very quick read.

A visual artist or band you admire.

Hans Zimmer. He's the Mozart of our times.

Your favorite fictional character. 

Woody in Toy Story. Loyal and fearless.

Someone worth following on social media. 

ASAP (The Audacious School of Astonishing Pursuits). If you want to learn the secrets and techniques of the world's best creatives, you won't be disappointed.

Your main strength as a marketer/creative. 

I studied design, so I love solving visual problems. It comes second nature to me.

Your biggest weakness. 

My attention deficit. Fortunately, I have great partners who help me cope (and make fun of me too!).

Something people would find surprising about you. 

I've been an angler and a bow hunter for 30 years. Having a connection with nature is not only a great medicine for anxiety, the calm and quiet make room for creativity.

What you'd be doing if you weren't in health. 

Trying to help people in some other way, like doing road safety ads or education.

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