Honda Made an Adorable EV, the 'Shogo,' for Kids in Hospital

RPA spot will air during the Rose Parade

Honda's latest electric vehicle tops out at speeds around 5 mph, comfortably seats one very small driver, and won't hit showrooms, ever.

Dubbed "Shogo," the adorable, custom-built car tools around the corridors at Children's Health of Orange County in California piloted by kids aged 4-9 as they navigate their hospital stays.

Project Courage

Dubbed "Project Courage" and developed with agency RPA, the initiative includes a :60 set to air during the Rose Parade on New Year's Day:

Meet the Honda Shogo

Below, Hundy Liu, manager of national automotive advertising at American Honda Motor Co., discusses the project:

Muse: Does the name Shogo stand for anything?

Hundy Liu: We wanted to inspire and engage the children at a moment in their lives where they are experiencing the stress of a hospital stay, and Shogo is based on a Japanese word, and intended to mean "soaring into the future."

Why take this approach? Why not send little toy cars, or Santa?

Creating Shogo was a labor of love for a group of Honda associates, including team members who have had their own hospital experiences, and truly understand the importance of easing the stress of a stay for young patients. Over 30 Honda associates poured their passions into bringing Shogo to life, and all in addition to their daily responsibilities, including many long nights and weekends. The idea originated in 2019 within the Honda marketing team, and Shogo was created more than a year ago, but the pandemic slowed its trials and introduction.

It relieves kids' anxieties because it gives them some control in otherwise trying circumstances?

From ideation to design to completion, Honda designers and engineers worked thoughtfully to create a vehicle that is as easy as possible to get in and out of and simple to drive, with safety as the top priority, so that the entire experience will lift their spirits. There were a few little details and features specifically intended to make the child more comfortable—from the location of the IV pole, to a bucket on the front so the child's favorite toy can come along on the ride.

Can you put this in a brand context?

Honda is a mobility company, first and foremost, and creating Shogo demonstrates our pursuit in helping to fulfill the vision of our founder, Soichiro Honda, who said, "The purpose of technology is to help people." The goal is seeing the smiles on these children's faces and demonstrating the impact this type of vehicle can have on bettering the lives of these children.  

We chose Children's Health of Orange County as Honda has worked with them in the past during the holiday season. This included creating a unique VR winter wonderland, and "Project Courage" takes our efforts to the next level, while providing these children a lasting positive memory.


Dimensions: 57.5" x 24" x 40.5" (L x W x H) (including push bar)
Weight: 154 lbs.
Weight Capacity: 75 lbs.
Speed: 1-5 mph
Initial Charge Time: 10-14 hours
Electric Motor: 270W x 4700RPM
Recommended age range: 4-9 years

Smooth contours to protect against scrapes, easy-to-clean surfaces
Central steering wheel with go/stop mechanism
Caster wheels foot pedal (manual pushing)
Easy on-off button
Easy access low step-over with no doors


Senior Manager, Honda Marketing: Jessika Laudermilk
Manager, Honda National Advertising: Hundy Liu
Senior Marketing Analyst: Laura Arroyo
Asst Manager, Social Marketing: Lisa Stessman
Sr. Specialist, Social Media Marketing: Julia Stamm

EVP /Chief Creative Officer: Joe Baratelli
VP/Group Creative Director: Ken Pappanduros
VP/Creative Director: Sarah May Bates
Associate Creative Director: Matthew Pullen
Associate Creative Director: Jon Murray
Senior Art Director: Juarez Rodriguez Sr.
Senior Copywriter: Marcos Batelho
EVP/Chief Production Officer: Gary Paticoff
SVP/Director of Video Production: Selena Pizarro
Freelance Senior Producer: Jenn Pearse
Senior Producer: Whitney Young
Video Production Coordinator: Will Conover
VP/Director of Business Affairs: Maria Del'Homme
Executive VP/Chief Client Officer, Director of Operations: Brett Bender
SVP/Executive Account Director: Fern McCaffrey
Management Supervisor: Denis Telalovic
Senior Account Executive: Elaina Baker

Director: Justin Mashouf & Emelie Claxton
Executive Producer: Josh Hamilton
Producer: Daniel Ott
Editor: Justin Mashouf & Wendy Sandoval
Colorist: Robert Curreri  
Motion Graphic Artist/Lead Flame Artist: Spencer Sanchez/Alaine Caudle

Executive Producer: Susie Boyajan  
Audio Engineer: Dave Wagg
Assistant Audio Engineer: Matthew Conzelmann

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