Clio Health Innovators: Yuka Egashira, Strategy Manager, Accenture

Yuka started her career in strategy consulting at Accenture, providing guidance across multiple industries, most notably the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry. Recognized for her seamless approach from the inception of strategic plans to the launch of services in new business ventures, she currently leads collaborative projects with Droga5 Tokyo and Accenture Song. 

How you bring creativity and innovation to your work

My work revolves around challenging the "new"—a symbolic commitment to creating new things and innovating the methods of creation. As we adapt our approaches to the evolving challenges, we're often pushed to explore new ways that can sometimes also feel uncomfortable. Yet, these moments often spur creative excellence and innovative solutions.Collaborating with the talented team at Droga5 Tokyo is pivotal to growing and enriching my dedication to innovation. Working on a foundation of mutual trust and respect, we challenge norms and tap our collective creativity to transform complex challenges into unique and effective outcomes not achieved before.

About a recent project you're proud of

The launch of our "Gamma Wave Sound" initiative with Pixie Dust Technologies and Shionogi Pharmaceutical, aimed at addressing Japan's dementia crisis. Our goal was to utilize innovative sound modulation technology to promote cognitive health, because Japanese adults are exposed to five hours of sound per day. What's most rewarding is seeing the collective effort of over 20 major businesses and government agencies joining the initiative, highlighting the power of collaboration in driving meaningful change in healthcare. We have successfully integrated cognitive healthcare into the target's daily routine without the need for lifestyle changes, all while listeners enjoy the music.

What you're most excited about right now in the health space

I'm excited about using technology to create sustainable health solutions with a lasting impact. Japan’s population is aging rapidly and the country consistently rates as having the world’s oldest population. We believe that our innovative approach that uses creativity to reimagine cognitive care can serve as a blueprint for global health advancements, transforming how we address the needs of aging societies worldwide.

What it means to you to be selected as a Clio Health Innovator

It's an immense honor that validates the hard work and dedication my team and I put into our projects. It's a recognition of the innovative outcomes we've achieved and our new approach in blending business and creative expertise toward healthcare challenges. This experience provides valuable opportunities for sharing ideas and sparking collaborations that could lead to even more innovative solutions in the future.

"Her deep engagement with the conventional Japanese medical sector has imbued her with the unique ability to cultivate groundbreaking, creative solutions that significantly advance patient care. Yuka Egashira does not just listen; she hears the unspoken, feels the pulse of latent needs, and responds with innovations that resonate deeply within the community and beyond, ensuring a healthier tomorrow for everyone."—Masaya Asai, CCO, Droga5 Tokyo, part of Accenture Song


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