Clio Health Innovators: Nick DeBeauvernet, U.S. Oncology Campaign Development Lead, Team Rocket, Merck

Nick DeBeauvernet has supported Merck Oncology in various roles since 2015, and he has gained extensive experience leading cross-functional teams through more than 10 launches. Currently, Nick leads Team Rocket, responsible for the planning and execution of digital initiatives for one of Merck's brands through a responsive approach to ever-changing customer needs. Under Nick’s leadership, Team Rocket has become a highly collaborative and self-sufficient team, with his strategic choices consistently driving success.

How you bring creativity and innovation to your work

Our team is driven by creativity and innovation, and it's my role to ensure they both have room to flourish. But in our heavily regulated industry, creativity can be elusive; if not given the room to grow, it can quickly wither. I challenge each team member to bring their ideas, experiences and passions to the table—regardless of their role. With this focus, our team has been able to launch content in new channels to create a cohesive brand experience for our customers.

About a recent project you're proud of

Our most recent notable accomplishment was the creation and deployment of an unbranded VHL whiteboard video. This video targets healthcare professionals, delivering deep clinical insights and raising awareness about a rare and complex genetic disease in an engaging way. Team Rocket collaborated with the Clinical Review Team to ensure adherence to policy.

What you're most excited about right now in the health space

The speed of innovation in the healthcare space is very exciting to me. Companies are bringing new and novel lifesaving products to patients. I believe my role is to ensure that our customers have all the information they need at their fingertips to make the best-informed decisions for their patients.

What it means to you to be selected as a Clio Health Innovator

Being recognized as a Clio Innovator is truly an honor. I've been a part of lots of teams over the years, but Team Rocket is very special! We all bring our best to work every day and this award reflects the amazing people I get to work with and the high standard we hold ourselves to.

"Nick's collaborative spirit is what truly sets him apart from his colleagues. He leads with a 'swarm' mentality, an agile collaboration technique that encourages his teammates to swarm together like a group of bees to problem solve and complete arduous tasks efficiently. A master of cross-functional collaboration, Nick effectively partners with various stakeholders, including Merck’s internal promotional review team, the agency of record, Merck colleagues, and third-party vendors."—Heida Jonsson, VP, account supervisor, DDB Health


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